Water Leisure Pool Slide installation. View from the top of the blue-green slide as if about to slide down.

Leisure Pool Update 7/10/23

We are happy to report that the slide installation has been completed! This is a huge milestone and we are excited to show you a few pictures of what the new slide looks like. We also would like to let you all know what we have left to complete before we are able to reopen the leisure pool for your enjoyment.
1. A waterproofing coat must be applied prior to plaster installation
2. A bonding coat will be applied on top of the waterproofing, acting as an bonding agent for the pool plaster
3. Pool plaster will be installed
4. HVAC balance and commissioning
5. Pool Fill, Water Temperature balance and chemical balancing will occur
6. Lastly, King County Department of Health (KCDOH) needs to inspect and approve all of the systems.
We thank you to all for your patience through this project, it has been very challenging, but city staff is fulfilling their duty to ensuring that this project is completed to construction standards and with integrity, while being good stewards of the tax payer dollar.
We appreciate the patience of members and hope that you all know that we are committed to getting the amenities reopen as soon as possible!
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