Most programs at FWCC have a duration of 7 weeks. With a variety of martial arts disciplines to choose from, including Tiger Kid Beginner Martial Arts, Tiny Tiger Taekwondo, Kendo, and more, participants can explore a diverse range of training options. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to enhance fitness and self-defense skills or an experienced practitioner wanting to refine techniques, FWCC offers expert instruction through dedicated partners committed to fostering personal growth and discipline in the realm of martial arts.



Tiger Kids welcomes all ages, fostering inclusivity for individuals and families. Led by the highly experienced 9th Degree Black Belt, Mitch Mayberry! Our programs include both youth and adult programs, Tiny Tiger Taekwondo and Tiger Kids Family Martial Arts & Adult Beginner/Advanced. From enhancing motor skills to structured progression through ranks and belts, our classes offer a fulfilling journey of physical fitness and personal growth in a supportive environment. Join us for an enriching martial arts experience!



Ages 3.75 – 6 on Wednesdays 6:15 – 6:45 PM 
 Tiny Tiger Taekwondo offers an enjoyable fusion of Kung Fu and Taekwondo, providing a less intense yet engaging program. The emphasis is on nurturing motor skills, enhancing coordination, and fostering improved listening skills through interactive games and specialized training aids, including activities like bag kicking and swordplay.



Ages 6+  on Wednesdays 6:45 – 7:35 PM
Tiger Kids Beginner and Tiger Kids Advanced are martial arts classes that introduce/learn and then perfect/progress in rank and belts through empty hand & weapon forms transitioning from easy to complex moves.



Mitch Mayberry is a 9th Degree Black Belt who has been trained & certified in multiple Asian countries in various system’s & styles. He has over 50 years’ experience & over 40 years’ teaching! Mitch teaches Tiny Tigers Taekwondo, Tiger Kids, and the Self Defense Workshops. Click here to learn more about Mitch.

Sifu Mayberry is also available for birthday parties and self-defense seminars!


An additional $21 AAU fee must be paid to the instructor or paid online ( the first day of class. More info

Uniforms can be purchased from the instructor during class. Please ask your instructor for more information on obtaining the appropriate uniform.

NOTE: Class fees do not include additional equipment cost for continuing and advanced students.


We encourage comfortable clothing that allows easy movement and athletic shoes for martial arts classes. Additionally, uniforms are encouraged and can be purchased from the instructor during class. Please ask your instructor for more information on obtaining the appropriate uniform.

TIGER KIDS: Uniforms are required for all students yellow belt and above. All uniforms have a multi-colored tiger on the back. The uniforms include top, pants, and front screen or patch. Please see instructor to order. NOTE that there is a package deal for the uniform and an instructional video/dvd.

In order to create a safe and effective learning environment we have the following expectations:

  • Expectations of Students
    • No chewing gum
    • No talking during class
    • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing (make sure your pant legs are well above the ankle to prevent slipping and injury)
    • No outside shoes allowed for class — you must be barefoot unless wearing approved shoes that are used only for martial arts practice
    • Respect for the instructor and fellow classmates at all times
    • Any student not listening or causing class disruption will be required to do push-ups or focus training and may be asked to leave the class if the problem persists
    • Practice outside of class time is needed if you wish to become proficient — instructional aids, including videos/DVDs and booklets are available to assist with home practice
    • Students must promise not to misuse techniques learned in class
  • Expectations of Parents
    • Be sure to walk your children into the building and to drop off and pick them up inside of the building
    • Please take small children not participating in the class out of the room
    • Parents may watch the first class, however due to limited space and to minimize distractions, parents will be asked to remain outside of the classroom/gym for the remainder of the session (except for pickup and drop-off)
    • If your child has a health problem or injury, please be sure to let the instructor know
    • There is no video taping permitted except at Tiger Kids Tournaments — instructional aids, including videos/DVDs and booklets are available to assist with home practice
    • Please see the instructor before or after class or call (425) 774-ARTS (2787) for further information or questions

Remember: fewer distractions + less noise = a better learning and teaching environment

The martial arts program at FWCC does not include internal tournaments or competitions. For information on participating in martial arts competitions at local studios, check with your instructor for guidance on how to get more involved!

  • After your child completes the first 7 week session, they will be  eligible to test for a yellow belt.
  • Testing in the martial arts plays an important role in the development of confidence and self-esteem by teaching children to set goals and overcome doubt, achieving those goals and moving on to more difficult goals thought unattainable.
  • Testing is an optional but very important part of the training offered and all students should test. It is a way of rewarding achievement and showing progress. As your child demonstrates proficiency and passes each belt level examination, he/she will be allowed to move to the next level of training, stay longer in class, and learn more advanced techniques.
  • Testing requirements vary according to age, ability, and level of the student. 
  • Testing is usually done during the last two weeks of each course.

Martial arts can be introduced to children as young as 3 or 4 years old. We offer specialized classes for different age groups starting as young as 3.75 years old!


Wednesdays 7:30pm–8:10pm
Ages 7 & up! Great for Youth and Adults!

  • Engaging sessions blending fitness drills with the art of the Force.
  • Embrace the thrill of saber-swinging with padded staffs & swords (ensuring we have no lightsaber mishaps!)
  • Ideal for younglings and Jedi Knights alike, hone your abilities while enjoying an intergalactic adventure!

Class taught by a National & International weapon-free fighting champion.
A $20 AAU fee must be paid to the instructor or paid online ( on the first day of class. Taught by instructor Mitch Mayberry.  Click here to learn more about Mitch.


Here at Federal Way Kendo Club, we provide a comprehensive class to create strong foundations for our students, while also challenging them. Our classes focus on learning the basics of kendo and emphasizing those basics that allow students to progress at a more steady pace when they become more experienced.

Federal Way Kendo Club was established in 2009, and was originally the Puyallup Kendo Club. The club has been providing instruction of kendo through the Federal Way parks department. Before the pandemic, our practices were held at Saghalie Middle School during the school year, and at the community center during the summer. We have now permanently located ourselves in the multipurpose rooms at the Community Center. Register online for our next session!




Kendo is the martial art and sport of Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship. Beginning students start with the basic techniques of Kendo and as they continue will learn more advanced techniques alone with discipline, culture and etiquette of Kendo and Japan.  We provide swords (shinai) to all new students to purchase for an additional $30. Ask your instructor during class for more information. Taught by Head Sensei, Curtis Marsten, Renshi 6 Dan.

Practice with us on Tuesdays

Beginning: 6:15 – 7 PM
Continuing: 6:15 – 7 PM
Advanced: 7:00 – 8:30 PM


Comfortable clothing such as t-shirts and sweatpants. Clothing like sleeveless shirts, crop tops, and short shorts, are not allowed.
Nothing is needed before attending your first class. We provide swords (shinai) to all new students to purchase for $30. A shinai is the only required equipment for beginners.
Children may start as young as 7, but may start younger or older depending on the maturity of your child.
No one is too old to start kendo! We accept and work with all ages. Many kendo sensei practice until their late 80s.

All new students start in the beginning class and work their way up to the advanced class after demonstrating they possess the necessary skill. From your first quarter to the advanced class, this typically takes 6-9 months. Classes are very dynamic and may have the speed or curriculum adjusted week by week based on the overall skill level, age range, and progression of the students. We try our best to accommodate all students by adjusting classes to their needs.

If you have valid federation membership, you may also participate in rank tests, seminars, and tournaments. You may also be able to sometimes attend these events even if they are not in the local area. Ask your instructor for more information.


Ages 12+ | Dates & Times Will Vary

 This workshop caters to teens, adults, and seniors of all fitness levels. Discover the art of self-defense in a workshop designed to empower and potentially save lives! Uncover the skills to avoid becoming a victim by identifying strengths and weaknesses in an enjoyable and secure environment. Explore insights into your natural weapons, zoning, awareness, proper body mechanics, and more. Children ages 10-11 may participate with parent supervision/participation.

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