We are excited to announce that in-person activities will be coming back in late June! Please see below for a full list of activities.

Registration begins on June 7th.

For the easiest way to register, please visit www.itallhappenshere.org and register online

COVID-19 guidelines will be in place for all in-person programming. This includes:

  • Mask wearing at all times during indoor programs when not eating or drinking. Masks will not be required outdoor for people who have been vaccinated.
  • Physical distancing at all times during programs — 6ft. for indoor activities, 3ft. for outdoor activities.
  • Temperature checks will be given and we ask that you do not come to any program if you are feeling unwell.
  • Please read our COVID waiver on your receipt. Upon registering for our programs, you agree to everything listed on that waiver.



Join the fun with our year-round bowling program at Secoma Lanes. Bring $5 each week for two games. The bowling alley is wheelchair accessible.

Summer Early Bowling — Non wheelchair
Age 13yrs+ | $36 | 9 wk(s)
ID#250906-05 | 7/5–9/27 | M | 3–4pm
Secoma Lanes, Inst. Mary Issacson

Summer Late Bowling — Non-wheelchair
Age 13yrs+ | $36| 9 wk(s)
ID#250906-06| 7/5–9/27 | M | 4–5:15pm
Secoma Lanes

Summer Wheelchair Bowling
Age 13yrs+ | $36 | 9 wk(s)
ID#250906-07 | 7/5–9/27 | M | 4–5:15pm
Secoma Lanes

Summer Bowling — Wednesdays
Age 13yrs+ | $36 | 9 wk(s)
ID#250906-08 | 7/7–9/29 | W | 3:30–5pm
Secoma Lanes


Come join our newest event! Bocce is an Italian game. The basic principle of the sport is to roll a bocce ball closest to the target ball, which is called a palina. Join us today to play this exciting game! Note: Special Olympic COVID protocols will be adhered to and there will be no in-person competition. There will be a virtual competition at the end of the year.

Special Olympics Bocce
Age 5yrs+ | $25 | 8 wk(s)
ID#250921-01 | 7/22–9/2 | W | 6:00–7:30pm
Location: Saghalie Middle School


Take your mark, get set and go! If you like racing or walking, then join our Special Olympics Track team! Please note: There will be no field events this year and there will also be no in-person competitions. There will be a virtual competition to end the year.
All Ages | $40 | 8 wk(s)
ID#150908-05 | 7/22–9/2 | W | 6–7:30pm
Location: Saghalie Middle School


Join us as we learn and refine our golfing skills. Note: there will be no in-person competitions this season. There will be a virtual competition.
Age 12+ | $20 |  8 wk(s)
ID#250930-01 | Dates & Times TBA

General Interest


Kiwanis Aktion Club is a self-advocacy group. We will have different speakers each month to discuss a variety of topics. We will also get involved in the community by volunteering and fundraising! Join today!

Aktion Club — June
Age 16+ | FREE | 1 day
ID#250901-02 | 6/30| Tu | 7–8:30pm

Aktion Club — July
Age 16yrs+ | FREE | 1 day
ID#250901-03 | 7/27 | Tu | 7–8:30pm

Aktion Club — August
Age 16yrs+ | FREE | 1 day
ID#250901-04 |8/31  | Tu | 7–8:30pm


Learn 4 Life will be offered as in-person and virtual in July and August.

June — Healthy Eating (VIRTUAL ONLY)
This month we’ll talk about healthy foods, what types of nutrition are good and bad and how to eat a balanced and healthy diet.
Age 18+ | $35 | 5 wk(s)
ID#250911-03 | 6/1-6/29| Tu | 5:45–7pm

July — Internet Safety
Let’s discuss the dangers of the internet, what types of scams you could encounter and how to protect yourself and your identity.
Ages 18+ | $30 | 4 wk(s)
ID#250911-04 | 7/6–7/27 | Tu | 5:45–7pm

August — Organizing Your Life
Ages 18+ | $35 | 5 wk(s)
ID# 250911-15| 8/3–8/27 | Tu | 5:45–7pm


Hanging out is a blast! This program is open to people of all abilities. We will be outdoors during each program (weather permitting). We will also be adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines. Individual snacks will be provided

F DUB — Outdoor Games
Age 16 yrs+ | $12 | 1 day
ID#250902-01 | 6/25 | F | 6–9pm

F Dub — BPA Walk
Age 16yrs+ | $12 | 1 day
ID#250902-02 | 7/16 | F | 6–9pm

F DUB — Crafts
Age 16yrs+ | $12 | 1 day
ID#250902-03 | 7/23 | F | 6–9pm

F DUB — Outdoor Movie
Age 16yrs+ | $12 | 1 day
ID#250902-04 | 7/30 | F | 6–9pm

F DUB — Karaoke
Age 16yrs+ | $12 | 1 day
ID#250902-05 | 8/13| F | 6–9pm

F DUB — Bingo
Age 16yrs+ | $12 | 1 day
ID#2509 02-06| 8/20 | F | 6–9pm

Health & Fitness


Feel like getting fit? Join us on Wednesdays this fall to have some fun while improving your health. Staff will come up with individualized routines for each participant. Each routine will be adaptive to individual needs. Sign up now as class fills fast!

Fitness Fundamentals — Summer Session
Age 16yrs+ | $80| 8 wk(s)
ID#250903-02 | 7/7–8/25 | W | 5:15–6:30pm

SIT AND FIT (Virtual)

Let’s all keep up with our fitness, movement, balance and socialization by doing-sit-and-fit exercises. All you need is a chair, we provide you with a set of 3 dumbbells, a yoga ball and a stretch-band. The price includes the equipment rentals for the session!

Summer Quarter
Age 16 yrs+ | $100 | 10 wk(s)
ID#250950-02 | 7/1-8/31 | T/Th | 10–11am
NO CLASS on 7/13 and 7/15


In this class, we will practice mindfulness through gentle movement, breathing exercises, and guided meditation. You’ll learn how to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit to help with stress relief and relaxation. Classes will be online on Zoom. You will be sent the link once registered.

Summer Session
Age 16 yrs+ | $80 | 8 wk(s)
ID#250951-02 | 7/2–8/27 | F | 10:30–11:30am



Plans for summer season and the performance are to be determined. An announcement will be made shortly regarding the summer practices and a potential performance.


Discover the world by making exciting craft projects all month! Different craft projects will be available for different skill levels. Join in and make your mark!

Cultures & Crafts — July
Age 16yrs+ | $27 | 3 wk(s)
ID#250920-03 | 7/6–7/20 | Tu | 7–8:30pm

Cultures & Crafts — August
Age 16yrs+ | $36 | 4 wk(s)
ID#250920-04 | 8/3–8/24 | Tu | 7–8:30pm

Trips & Excursions


Join us for brunch then on to the movie theater in the afternoon. All Brunch & Movies will take place at The Commons Mall in Federal Way. We will eat at the food court. Bring $15 for brunch. Please notify staff 10 days prior to start date if a participant will be coming with a caregiver. Caregivers can come free of charge, but may be required to provide transportation for self if shuttle is full.

Brunch & A Movie
Age 16yrs+ | $35 | 1 day
ID#250914-01 | 7/17 | Sa | 10am–3pm

Brunch & A Movie
Age 16yrs+ | $35 | 1 day
ID#250914-02 | 8/14 | Sa | 10am–3pm


Dinner at a local restaurant and a movie at local theater is a great way to spend your Friday night! All Dinner & Movies will take place at The Commons Mall in Federal Way. We will eat at the food court . Bring $15 for dinner. Please notify staff 10 days prior to start date if a participant will be coming with a caregiver. Caregivers can come free of charge, but may be required to provide transportation for self if shuttle is full.

Dinner & Movie
Age 16yrs+ | $35 | 1 day
ID#250915-01 | 7/9 | F | 4:30–9:45pm

Dinner & Movie
Age 16yrs+ | $35 | 1 day
ID#250915-03 | 8/6 | F | 4:30–9:45pm

Dinner & Movie
Age 16yrs+ | $35 | 1 day
ID#250915-04 | 8/27 | F | 4:30–9:45pm


Please join us on our exciting day-trips throughout the Puget Sound region! Please have participants arrive 15 minutes prior to departure time. All fees include admission if applicable. Please bring a sack lunch on all trips. Please notify staff 10 days prior to start date if a participant will be coming with a caregiver. Caregivers can come free of charge, but may be required to provide transportation for self if shuttle is full.

Come enjoy the beautiful Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. We will take a short nature walk and stop for a picnic as well. Please bring a sack lunch for this trip today, sturdy hiking shoes and please wear clothing that you can hike/ walk in.
Age 16 yrs+ | $30 | 1 day
ID#250916-02 | 6/26| Sa | 10am–3pm

Let’s check out one of the hidden gems of our community at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. We will see the beautiful manicured miniature trees then head to either Steel Lake or Dash Point for a picnic. Please bring a sack lunch for this trip.
Age 16 yrs+ | $25| 1 day
ID#250916-03 | 7/10 | Sa | 10am–3pm

Watch the ships come in and out from the Salish Sea and the salmon swimming to the lakes! We’ll also visit the Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Gardens and have a sack lunch at the park. Please bring a sack lunch for this trip.
Age 16yrs+ | $32| 1 wk(s)
ID#250916-04 | 7/24 | Sa | 10am–4pm

Let’s take a road trip to the beach! We’ll check out the sights and sounds of beach and have a picnic at Ocean City State Park. Please bring a sack lunch for this trip.
Age 16yrs+ | $36 | 1 day
ID#250916-05 | 7/31 | Sa | 8am–4pm

Today we’ll head down to Tacoma’s Nature Center at Snake Lake Preserve. We’ll walk the 71-acre preserve and interpretive trail. Please be prepared for a flat 1-mile walk or roll along the gravel path. Please bring a sack lunch for this trip.
Age 16yrs+ | $28 | 1 wk(s)
ID#250916-06 | 8/7 | Sa | 10am–4pm

We’ll head to up to Seattle to these famous Japanese gardens. There is a half-mile guided walk we’ll do then have a picnic. Please bring a sack lunch for this trip.
Age 16yrs+ | $28 | 1 day
ID#250916-07 | 8/21 | Sa | 10am–4pm

Weather permitting, we will head up to Paradise and check out the visitors center and take in the views. From there, we will drive through the National Park to Paradise, the highest drivable point in the park and take in more breathtaking view. There, we will have lunch then head back around the mountain! Please bring a sack lunch for this trip.
Age 16 yrs+ | $38 | 1 day
ID#250916-07 | 8/28 | Sa | 8am–5pm


Although some of our programming is on pause, there are still many things we can do to stay healthy, happy and engaged. Below is a list of resources that can help you and your loved ones during these difficult times. Many of these tools are designed for people with disabilities, but these tools can be helpful to people of all abilities as well. If you have resources that you would like to share, please email Kevin Hutchinson at kevin.hutchinson@cityoffederalway.com and they can be added to the list.

General Resources

The Arc of King County This webpage has tons of resources for people with disabilities including Special Education support, COVID-19 information regarding people with disabilities, FAQs regarding stimilus checks, and much more. Click Here

COVID 19 Virtual Town HallThe Developmental Disabilities Administration, The Arc of Washington State and Developmental Disabilities Administration team up to discuss and answer questions related to the Coronavirus and its impacts on the DD community.Click Here

Best Buddies “Virtual Hang In”- Join this virtual hang out every Tuesday evening. You can play games, do trivia and just chat with your friends on Zoom. BBWA Virtual Hang-In Flyer

Best Buddies Citizens Program- Best buddies matches adults with and without IDD together in mutually enriching one-on-one friendships. Best Buddies Citizens Program_How to Join

Mental Health & Self-Care

Crisis Counselor Text Line: Here you can sign up to text with a mental health practitioner if you are feeling anxiety, depression or need any kind of help. Click Here

Mental Health Toolkit: This website has tons of resources for your mental health during this pandemic. Click Here

Meditation: This website has many different meditations to help you through this crisis. This can be a very useful tool to help anxiety, help to sleep and reduce stress overall. Click Here

Disabiltiy Resource: Here you will find some tips on mental health and phone apps. Click Here

Younger Ones

Common Sense Media: Virtual music lessons, virtual drawing lessons and virtual story time. Click Here

Flip Grid: Great for quick and easy video discussions, free. Click Here

PBS: How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus Click Here

Health & Fitness

Special Olympics of Washington: Join the “Fit 5 Challenge” and do these exercises to stay fit at home! Click Here

MoveItMonday- YouTube channel focusing on fitness videos for people of all abilities.Click Here

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) Another great source for free videos. Click Here

Special Strong- Adaptive at-home workout plan. Click Here

Art & Leisure

Travel & Leisure: Tour 50 Museums from home.Click Here

Seattle Aquarium: Experience the aquarium from home! There are many activities, webcams and virtual lessons.Click Here

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Live Stream animals! Click Here 

Road Trip from Home: Virtual Field Trips. Click Here


The City of Federal Way strives to create an accessible environment in our general recreation programs for our diverse population. People of all abilities are invited to consider registering for any recreation program Federal Way Parks has to offer provided minimum eligibility requirements are met. To request an accommodation please allow 10 business days prior to the start of the course and fill out this form Inclusion Request Form (pdf). We also offer programs designed specifically for people living with disabilities in our Inclusion Programs listed in our quarterly brochure.

If you have any questions about accessibility in any of our programs, contact Kevin Hutchinson at kevin.hutchinson@cityoffederalway.com or 253-835-6927.

What We Offer

We offer an array of life-skill courses aimed at promoting independence, enhancing social skills, educating participants, and promoting a healthy life style. Course offerings include: Arts & Crafts, Therapeutic Drumming, Fitness, Theatre, Cooking, Special Olympic Sports, Social Clubs, Day Trips & Overnight Trips, Nutrition, Personal Safety, Job Skills, Personal Finance, Therapeutic Gardening, Reading Clubs, and more!

Why Inclusion?

Recreation inclusion playing bongosQuality of Life – Through inclusive recreation programs, an individual gains positive feelings of self-worth and personal growth. Our programs also focus on a healthy lifestyle that helps promote personal wellness. Social integration helps participants grow as individuals and provides self-satisfaction. Finally, support, accommodations & assistance are provided to individuals to help facilitate a positive experience in our programs.

Removal of Barriers – Attitudinal barriers are minimized through education, staff training, and interactions between participants with and without disabilities. Physical barriers are eliminated to help facilitate participation by people of all abilities. Finally, our programs encourage the ideas of “risk taking,” personal growth, personal choices & social integration to help encourage an inclusive environment.

Interaction Within Our Community – Our trips are designed to help foster social interactions of our participants with the community as a whole. We offer a full array of activities in diverse settings which help to educate our participants and other citizens of Federal Way. These interactions will help to provide positive future notions of people with disabilities.


City of Federal Way Inclusion Policy (pdf) Inclusion Scholarships (pdf) INCLUSION CALENDAR 2020 (PDF)

Soccer Training Videos