The Federal Way Community Center is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and community engagement by offering a range of fee reduction programs and scholarships. These initiatives are designed to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial constraints, can access and enjoy the facilities and services provided by the community center. Through these programs, the center aims to promote physical well-being, recreational opportunities, and a sense of belonging for all members of the community.

Unable to find a suitable fee reduction program for your needs?  Take a moment to check with your health insurance provider, as many plans and providers offer coverage for memberships at the Federal Way Community Center. Connect with your health insurance provider or reach out to our front desk at 253-835-6900 for more information.

Fee Reduction

Fee Reduction provides a 25% discount on all Federal Way Community Center membership rates and Recreation Program fees. Eligibility is based on your household’s total gross income. You can easily determine whether you and your household qualify for the fee reduction program by reviewing the table below.




Household of 1




Household of 2




Household of 3




Household of 4




Household of 5




Household of 6




Household of 7




Household of 8




For each additional family member, add:



Stop by FWCC to fill out an application or applications may be filled out online!

Household Definition: For the purposes of the Federal Way Community Center, household is defined as all persons related or unrelated residing at the same address who share living expenses.

Inclusive Recreation Scholarship

Here at the Federal Way Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services, we believe that every person, no matter age, race, gender, and ability has the right to participate in recreation and life-enriching programs. We also know that many persons with disabilities have different economic hardships that may prevent participants from affording these programs. We have developed the Inclusion Scholarship Fund to help individuals living with disabilities pay for Inclusion Specific Programs.

To be eligible for The Inclusive Recreation Scholarship:

Any individual living with a disability may apply. Please attach proof of DDA funding or provide a short letter detailing the reason you are applying.

This scholarship does not provide financial support for FWCC Membership and can only be used for Inclusion Specific Programs.

FirStep Scholarship

The Federal Way Youth Commission established the FirStep Scholarship in 2019 to award funds to youth who are unable to afford recreational activities. Based on the belief that recreation is important for the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of children, it is the Youth Commission’s goal to make a positive difference and provide opportunity underprivileged youth.

  •  No limit on residence
  • One recreation program per application / FWCC 3 month membership
  • We will award up to $1000 per quarter
  • FirStep Scholarship is not retroactive and cannot be applied toward previous registrations and/or membership payments

To be eligible for The FirStep Scholarship:

  • Applicants must be in grades 6th–12th (12–17yrs) with proof of school id
  • Households must be approved through FWCC Fee Reduction program or provide approval of Free and Reduced Eligibility Status approval.
  • Can apply once a quarter (January–March, April–June, July–September, October–December)
Funds awarded are at the discretion of the Youth Commission and may not be at the full price of the requestor.
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