Get the 411 on visiting the FWCC

Age Guidelines:

  • Children under 12 must have a person (age 16+) in the community center with them at all times
  • Children under 7 must have a person (age 16+) in the pool within arm’s reach at all times
  • Children under 3 are required to wear a swim diaper (available for purchase at front desk)

Non-Member essentials:

All non-members entering the membership side of the community center are subject to the entry fee.
The following exceptions will be made:

  • Those who wish to spectate registered community center and/or recreation program participants will be allowed only during the scheduled activity and must remain in the specific program area
  • Approved* caregivers who provide required supervision for the safety of disabled and / or chronically ill individuals

Did you know your entry fee provides access to more than just the aquatics area? Purchase of the 1-Day Pass allows you to use the basketball courts, walking/running track, fitness area, as well as any group fitness/aquatics classes!

What should you bring?

  • Picture ID is required for anyone ages 12+
  • Fill out the guest waiver on arrival OR in advance GUEST WAIVER FORM (pdf). Each person ages 18+ is required to sign the waiver
  • Bring a 1.7/9” padlock (available for purchase at front desk)
  • Swimming? Bring a towel (available for rent at front desk – limited availability)
  • Get the most out of your visit. Check out our GROUP FITNESS and POOL schedules
  • We accept cash, Visa, or MasterCard

Play more, spend less. Become a member!

Ask about our Fee Reduction and Disabled Veteran discount.

Federal Way Resident*1-Day Pass1-Month Pass1-Year Pass
$50 Cancellation Fee
Monthly Auto-Renewal
$50 Enrollment Fee
Youth (Age 3–11)$5.00
Teen (Age 12–17)$6.00$39.99$275.00$24.99
Adult (Age 18–61)$8.00$49.99$385.00$34.99
Senior (Age 62+)$6.00$42.99$308.00$27.99
Household of 2$69.99$605.00$54.99
Household of 2 Seniors (Age 62+)$59.99$495.00$44.99
Household of 3$77.99$693.00$62.99
Household of 4$82.99$748.00$67.99
Household of 5$87.99$803.00$72.99
Household of 6$90.99$836.00$75.99

*Residents are those who live or work in Federal Way. Verification may be required.

Non-Resident1-Day Pass1-Month Pass1-Year Pass
$50 Cancellation Fee
Monthly Auto-Renewal
$50 Enrollment Fee
Youth (Age 3–11)$5.00
Teen (Age 12–17)$6.00$44.99$330.00$29.99
Adult (Age 18–61)$8.00$54.99$440.00$39.99
Senior (Age 62+)$6.00$47.99$363.00$32.99
Household of 2$74.99$660.00$59.99
Household of 2 Seniors (Age 62+)$64.99$550.00$49.99
Household of 3$82.99$748.00$67.99
Household of 4$87.99$803.00$72.99
Household of 5$92.99$858.00$77.99
Household of 6$95.99$891.00$80.99

Household eligibility: Individuals must reside in the same address to be included on a household membership. Verification may be required.
More than 6 members of your household?
We’ve got you covered! Ask for additional member pricing.

FirStep Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the FirStep Scholarship! The Federal Way Youth Commission established the FirStep Scholarship in 2019 to award funds to youth who are unable to afford recreational activities. Based on the belief that recreation is important for the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of children, it is the Youth Commission’s goal to make a positive difference and provide opportunity underprivileged youth.

• No limit on residence
• One recreation program per application / FWCC 3 month membership
• We will award up to $1000 per quarter.
• FirStep Scholarship is not retroactive and cannot be applied toward previous registrations and/or membership payments.
Funds awarded are at the discretion of the YC and may not be at the full price of the requestor.

To be eligible, applicants must:
Applicants must be in grades 6th-12th (12-17yrs)with proof of school id
Households must be approved through FWCC Fee Reduction program
Can apply once a quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December)

Application Process:
Approved for Financial Assistance through FWCC.
Fill out the application form in its entirety.
Youth Commission will review applications on the 4th Thursday of each month for the following month.

FirStep Scholarship Application (pdf)