Get the 411 on visiting the FWCC

Age Guidelines:

  • Children under 12 must have a person (age 16+) in the community center with them at all times
  • Children under 7 must have a person (age 16+) in the pool within arm’s reach at all times
  • Children under 3 are required to wear a swim diaper (available for purchase at front desk)

Non-Member essentials:

All non-members entering the membership side of the community center are subject to the entry fee.
The following exceptions will be made:

  • Those who wish to spectate registered community center and/or recreation program participants will be allowed only during the scheduled activity and must remain in the specific program area
  • Approved* caregivers who provide required supervision for the safety of disabled and / or chronically ill individuals

Did you know your entry fee provides access to more than just the aquatics area? Purchase of the 1-Day Pass allows you to use the basketball courts, walking/running track, fitness area, as well as any group fitness/aquatics classes!

What should you bring?

  • Picture ID is required for anyone ages 12+
  • Fill out the guest waiver on arrival OR in advance GUEST WAIVER FORM (pdf). Each person ages 18+ is required to sign the waiver
  • Bring a 1.7/9” padlock (available for purchase at front desk)
  • Swimming? Bring a towel (available for rent at front desk – limited availability)
  • Get the most out of your visit. Check out our GROUP FITNESS and POOL schedules
  • We accept cash, Visa, or MasterCard

Play more, spend less. Become a member!

Ask about our Fee Reduction and Disabled Veteran discount.

Federal Way Resident*1-Day Pass1-Month Pass1-Year Pass
$50 Cancellation Fee
Monthly Auto-Renewal
$50 Enrollment Fee
Youth (Age 3–11)$5.00
Teen (Age 12–17)$6.00$39.99$275.00$24.99
Adult (Age 18–61)$8.00$49.99$385.00$34.99
Senior (Age 62+)$6.00$42.99$308.00$27.99
Household of 2$69.99$605.00$54.99
Household of 2 Seniors (Age 62+)$59.99$495.00$44.99
Household of 3$77.99$693.00$62.99
Household of 4$82.99$748.00$67.99
Household of 5$87.99$803.00$72.99
Household of 6$90.99$836.00$75.99

*Residents are those who live or work in Federal Way. Verification may be required.

Non-Resident1-Day Pass1-Month Pass1-Year Pass
$50 Cancellation Fee
Monthly Auto-Renewal
$50 Enrollment Fee
Youth (Age 3–11)$5.00
Teen (Age 12–17)$6.00$44.99$330.00$29.99
Adult (Age 18–61)$8.00$54.99$440.00$39.99
Senior (Age 62+)$6.00$47.99$363.00$32.99
Household of 2$74.99$660.00$59.99
Household of 2 Seniors (Age 62+)$64.99$550.00$49.99
Household of 3$82.99$748.00$67.99
Household of 4$87.99$803.00$72.99
Household of 5$92.99$858.00$77.99
Household of 6$95.99$891.00$80.99

Household eligibility: Individuals must reside in the same address to be included on a household membership. Verification may be required.
More than 6 members of your household?
We’ve got you covered! Ask for additional member pricing.