Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and enriching summer day camp program for school aged youth. Weekly themes have been developed to guide your child through a week of fun, interesting and meaningful activities. Through active participation in the Federal Way Summer Camp, our staff fosters an environment for positive behaviors and habits for social physical and emotional wellbeing. To make these goals a reality, the City of Federal Way employs qualified, compassionate staff members who have a fondness for children and will be a positive influence in their lives.

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What Does A Day At Camp Look Like?

  • 7am-9am carpool drop off: Kids will have options of board games, coloring sheets, minimal movement activities, etc. Backpack in designated group bin and lunch in designated cooler.
  • 9am – 3:30pm: Kids are in color groups based on the grades the kids will be going into in the fall.
    • Groups rotate around FWCC building, participating in activities based upon weekly themes- and projects consisting of arts and crafts, recreation games, swimming and rock climbing (twice a week) and other exciting activities.
  • 3:30p-6pm carpool pick up: Kids active play or are inside for a movie. A weekly newsletter will be provided on Monday with info for the week.

How Do I Contact My Child Throughout The Day?
If you have a message for your child, please call the program cell phone at 206-255-8706

What Grade Does Camp Serve?
Fireflies Preschool Camp is for ages 3-5.
Kids going into Kindergarten through 8th grade in the fall of 2024.
DCIT is for teens going into 9th-10th grade in the fall 2024.


Drop off: Between 7am-9am inside the building in the FWCC Community Wing. Please park in the parking lot and bring your camper inside.

Pick up: Between 3:30pm-6pm inside the building in the FWCC Community Wing. Please park in the parking lot and pick up your camper from inside.

If drop off / pick up needs to happen outside of designated hours, park
and come into FWCC. Let the front desk know you are here for camp drop
off or camp pick up and they will radio for a camp staff.

In the event you are going to be late to pick up your camper, please call the program cell phone 206.255.8706 to inform camp staff. This courtesy call will not waive the late fee. There will be a late charge of $1.00 per minute per child not picked up by 6pm and increased to $2.00 per minute after 6:30pm. Payments for late-fees are due upon pick-up.


  1. Please send morning snack, lunch, water and sunscreen every day. We will provide an afternoon snack (if your camper has special dietary needs please send an afternoon snack.
  2. Send swimsuit and towel every day, we have an outdoor water activity center that we will be utilizing this summer.
  3. Make sure children wear athletic shoes every day. Participation in certain activities will be restricted without them.

Campers need to bring a morning snack and lunch each day. An
afternoon snack will be provided daily. If your camper has special dietary
needs please send an afternoon snack.

  • Do not allow your child to bring toys and/or valuables (electronics included) unless special arrangements have been made with camp supervisor. Our facility and staff will not be held responsible for items that are lost, broken or stolen.
  • Toy weapons, knives and guns are not permitted.
  • Do not send money with campers, unless pre-approved by camp supervisor.
  • Our program does not permit campers to play (unapproved) video games.
  • No chewing gum is permitted during program hours.

Camp staff will not be responsible for holding any items that should not have been brought to camp.


Our staff will treat all minor injuries, and parents will be notified at pickup.
If camp staff determine that a camper should seek further medical
treatment, a parent / guardian will be notified immediately. All head “bonks” will receive a call to the parent and parent can determine if a child should remain at camp.

Staff are unable to administer medication to participants at any recreation
program. Staff can remind campers to take medication. For specific
questions, contact Kimberly Ledyard (

Send your camper with their own labeled sunscreen. Ultimately, it is the
parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is covered with sunscreen
prior to arrive at camp. Our policy is to remind and encourage campers to wear sunscreen whenever outdoors; however we will not be able to force children to wear it.


  • Camper will participate in open swim once to twice a week. Kids will change in the FWCC locker rooms and rinse off prior to entering pool.
  • Camp staff will monitor campers while changing, as FWCC is a public facility.
  • Kids who require a life jacket will wear one until ePACT account has been updated.
  • Kids under age 7 will be in arms reach of a day camp counselor at all time in the pool.
  • Day camp leaders will be swimming with the kids and additional staff will be walking around the pool deck.
  • Camp will always swim during open swim, while lifeguards are on duty.

We are in the process of reviewing field trips for summer camp. Field trips
will be on Wednesdays and busing will be contracted through First Student.
Some field trips will be an on-site field trip (for example, Sub Zero visiting as
a science and treat for the campers).
Field trips are subject to change based of safety of all kids (ex: weather

Kids are assigned to groups based off the grades they are going into in the
fall. All kids going into similar grade are grouped together. This to ensure
groups are playing age appropriate games and activities.

1 counselor to every 12 campers but generally we follow a 1 counselor to 10
campers ratio.

Yes, all day camp staff go are trained on procedures, policies and best ways to handle discipline.
All camp staff are CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogen trained.

A weekly newsletter will be provided on each Monday with info for the week.

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