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Rates & Fees

BIO: Gary Kittilson

Please contact Celester for more information about Small Group Training or One on One personal training!

EXPERIENCE: has over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry.

MY PHILOSOPHY: Fitness should not be a punishment; it is a journey to become better and improve your quality of life.

My goal: For you to know what you are doing and more importantly why you are doing it. 

  • Learn what to eat and why
  • Learn what exercises to do to help fix your pain from muscle imbalances
  • Learn how to get stronger both physically and mentally

I’m here to help you become a stronger and pain free better version of you.

Let’s get started today!

BIO: Celester DeGroat

Please contact Celester for more information about Small Group Training or One on One personal training!


AVAILABLE HOURS: Mon/Wed: 5–7 am, Sat 4–6 pm, Sun 3–5 pm

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: The master fitness guru and inspirer, Celester, has over four years’ experience as a professional personal trainer, but has spent many more years training his friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers for free. Why? Because he has a passion for helping people feel better and look better. He knows that your physical health helps your mental health, and both are important. The same people he trained for free convinced him to make a career out of his passion because of the results they were seeing in their own health and fitness journey. Since then, he has obtained certifications as a master fitness trainer, a cancer recovery specialist, in fitness nutrition, and in resistance and endurance. Oh, and he’s CPR/AED certified (just in case)!

Celester grew up in Compton, California and has been a life-long athlete and into fitness since a young age. His passion for fitness comes from his father, who worked out every single day into his 80’s and spent countless hours teaching Celester the in’s and out’s of fitness while he was growing up.
When he’s not working out or personal training, you can find Celester spending time with his fiancé, family and friends, playing basketball, watching sports, shopping for the latest fashion trends, researching health and wellness, reading, traveling, teaching his grandkids workout routines, and enjoying a good cheat meal!



For more information regarding personal training and personal training memberships/prices please contact
Hannah Thayer
Federal Way Community Center
Fitness & Athletics Coordinator
NASM CPT/StrongFirst Kettlebells

Rates and Fees

One on One Personal Training (Sessions are 50 mins. in length)
3x/week  Member — $537.90/mo    Non-Member — $570.90/mo
2x/week  Member — $372.90/mo    Non-Member — $405.90/mo
1x/week  Member — $196.90/mo    Non-Member — $229.90/mo
*Prices include tax.



Only Personal Trainers of the Federal Way Community Center are allowed to offer instruction/coaching/training to other individuals or groups in the Federal Way Community Center.

Please respect the hard work of the trainers we hire at this facility and do not accept training inside our facility from outside individuals that are not employees of the Federal Way Community Center.

If it appears that these rules are not being followed, individuals will be reminded of the rules and if the issue continues this could result in the loss of one’s membership or use of the facility permanently.

Thank you for your understanding and respect of our facility and our Personal Trainers.

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