YOU vs. The Rising Cost of Health Care

Doctor imageBy Doug Nelson
Community Center Manager

I’ve scoured the internet to find helpful tips for lowering health care costs…. and come up with nothing helpful! Oh sure, I found out how to pick the right doctor, when to check into a clinic instead of a hospital, which type of prescription drug to buy, and even which insurance options are best for employers…..but something is missing.

Nobody wants to give you the hard, cold facts.

What are you doing to take care of your most prized piece of equipment, YOUR BODY?!?! When it comes to life’s priorities, it seems our most important asset has worked its way to the bottom of the list. If you, like me, would put yourself in the “average American” category here’s what we have decided is most important to us: We’re very good at keeping our finances in order; earning a fair living, checking our bank accounts, spending carefully, and investing wisely. Most of us are also preparing for retirement; saving for the future, participating in an employer-based pension program, making payments towards our retirement “villa.” When it comes to automobile and lawn care, we are very particular and always trying to keep up with The Joneses.

We are really, really good at all the things mentioned above, but for the most part we are really bad at taking care of our bodies. When was the last time you checked your weight? When was the last time you had someone measure your waist or body-fat? When was the last time you willingly visited the doctor to have your cholesterol or glucose levels checked? How about a routine health physical? When was the last time you visited the gym? Like most Americans, you are probably paying for a gym membership! When was the last time you used a free calorie tracker to make sure you are not exceeding your recommended daily food intake?

The point I’m getting at (and also reinforcing in my own head) is that we are really good at taking care of the priorities in our life, but we are neglecting the one thing we cannot live without! We also spend countless chunks of time complaining about stressors that are out of our control. If we could just bottle up all this energy, that is oftentimes miss-directed or off the mark, and use it for good! So let’s consider doing something really positive for our personal health as we transition from 2018 to 2019. Let’s make Healthy Living a priority, not only for 2019 but for the rest of our lives. You see…if you commit to a healthy lifestyle, the certain and imminent rising cost of health care does not have to negatively affect your well-being. It will always be there as the antagonist or threat, but you will live a healthier and richer life through purposeful prevention and care.

I care about you, as many others do. Now it is time for you to care for yourself.