Beginning Monday, November 15th

We are so pleased to welcome Emily back to our team. She’s been working hard preparing the child care room and has lots of fun activities ready to share with your kiddos!


Monday – Friday 7:45am – 1:30pm & Saturday 8am – 12pm
(2-hour maximum stay)

$30/month – 1 child
$50/month – 2+ children


$5.00 daily fee/child


Swim Lessons – Gift Certificates!

We are now offering Gift Certificates for our swim lessons. What a great gift to give!

  • Private Swim Lessons (1-on-1 cost $25 for each half hour class)
  • Semi-Private Swim Lessons (2-on-1 cost $35 for each half hour class)
  • Group Swim Lessons (10 lesson session, twice per week over 5 weeks, costs $75)

Contact our Aquatics team if you have questions

Born To Move

By Doug Nelson
Community Center Manager

If you are reading this article, you are alive. If you are alive, therefore you were born … on your birthday to be exact.  (Insert your own “NO DUH” expression here) … and because you were born, you were born to move! That’s right; no matter your height, weight, flexibility, mobility, or athletic ability you were placed on this earth with the intention to walk, run, ride, jump, dance, kick, skip, hike, slide, swing, and more. Continue reading “Born To Move”