Leisure Pool Update 5/11/23



Community Members,

First, we would like to apologize for the delay in the install and completion of the slide replacement project at the Federal Way Community Center (FWCC). What was scheduled as a six-month shutdown has now reached its eighth month. City staff is working diligently with the contractor to wrap up construction and reopen the pool, slide, lazy river, play structure and spa as soon as possible, but we will still need eight or nine more weeks for all of the remaining tasks to be completed. This has been a complex and challenging project and we will try to give enough detail in a bulleted format to help better understand the challenges, set back and delays we have encountered.

• We have gone beyond deadline serval times. At first, we were looking at completion at the end of December 2022. The original delay had to do with major rebar structural problems with main pool that were not anticipated. What we saw was minor rust spots in the grout and damage to tiles, but under the surface it was actually significant rebar degradation. On this discovery we need to work with engineers to find the proper remedy. We then needed to complete change orders and add these repairs to the scope of work. When we worked through that portion we were told by the contractor that the work would be completed at the end of March.

• The second major delay was due to some challenges with the contractor. Permitting delays occurred due to untimely submittal and the need for third party review of those plans. The slide and its components were manufactured in Canada and the standards for materials and fabrication are different to the standards in Washington state. Therefore, the third-party review needed to be completed to insure the construction integrity of the slide materials and fabrication process. Once that through review occurred the contractor was issued permits. Upon receiving the permits the contractor communicated that the project could be completed by Memorial Day, but looking at the remaining work, city staff does not believe the contractor will be complete by then.

• In the past two weeks we feel like we have gotten back on track. Despite some rework that needed to occur after forming inspections, all of the footings and columns have been poured. The contractor is currently working to backfill around the footings and columns in advance of pouring the deck.

• Once the deck is poured and cured for several days, the contractor will start erecting the slide structure and installation of the supply piping. The timeline for these tasks is three to four weeks.

• After the slide structure is erected, grates and drain covers need to be reinstalled. The pool then needs to be waterproofed and plastered. Following plaster work, the pool needs to be filled, balanced and tuning of the pumps and features needs to occur.

• Lastly, King County Department of Health (KCDOH) needs to inspect and approve all of the systems. Once KCDOH approves, a final clean up, installation of the exterior doors at the rear of the building and demobilization need to occur.

• Barring any further issues or delays the contractor has indicated that all tasks will be completed the last week of June and hopefully a reopening at the beginning of July.

As mentioned above, this has been challenging project, but city staff is fulfilling their duty to ensuring that this project is completed to construction standards and with integrity, while being good stewards of the tax payer dollar. We appreciate the patience of members and hope that they know that we are committed to getting the amenities reopen as soon as possible.

Thank you,
City of Federal Way Staff

Leisure Pool Update 3/20/23

Dear Members,

We have been notified that the leisure pool slide and play structure project will not be completed by March 31st. The completion of this project has been delayed, due to circumstances beyond the City’s control. We will provide another update by the end of the month. While we are disappointed that this great amenity will not be completed on time as originally agreed, we are optimistic that it will be completed very soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these critical repairs.

Thank you,
Leif Ellsworth
Community Center Manager

Leisure Pool Update 2/22/2023

Dear Public,
When the Slide and Play Structure replacement project started the original scope of work was to replace the large slide and the APU (Aquatic Play Unit) and to re-plaster the pool. At the time of the plaster removal at the end of November some serious problems and unseen issues such as, rust and corrosion in wall structures and water intrusion were uncovered that had to be addressed.
We went to the City Council on December 6th, 2022 with a change order of $112,700 to remediate serious and extensive rust to the rebar of the substructure of the entire leisure pool. This remediation included rust removal, treatment, extensive waterproofing, tile removal and replacement. In addition, zinc anodes were installed to prevent future rust. During this time like everything else supply chain issues arose that caused delays in obtaining product. Here are a few pictures of the current progress and installation of the Aquatic play unit.
We were hopeful and optimistic for a December 16th reopening and announced that date, but the issues above made that impossible. The contractor has until March 31st to complete the project. We expect the project to be complete by that date.
We are very aware of the inconvenience and disappointment caused by the long closure, and we look forward to being fully open to serve the community at the Federal Way Community Center.
Thank you,
Leif Ellsworth
Community Center Manager

Leisure Pool Update 2/17/2023



First, I would like to say thank you for your patience during our construction of the new pool slide and play structure. They are currently installing the new play structure and continuing to make repairs to tile and more. Here are a few pictures to show the progress that has been made! We are excited to reopen this great amenity and have you slide your way into spring and summer. Once we have a firm opening date to share with everyone we will do so. Here are a few pictures of the progress so far.


– Leif Ellsworth, Community Center Manager


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