FWCC Updates and More

Community Center Outside photoDear Members and Community,

During this time, your Community Center staff have been hard at work! Here are a few things that we have done over the past few months to ensure that we keep you safe upon reopening and to spruce up the facility! We are excited to show you everything we have done and can’t wait to open our doors again to the public!

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Some Parks are OPEN During Covid -19 but Amenities are Closed

Steel Lake Park will be closed indefinitely starting Thursday, August 13, 2020.

It’s regrettable, but we have to close the park indefinitely for the sake of public health due to the COVID-19 crisis.
We hope people continue to abide by the Governor’s statewide mask mandate and continue to social distance as we help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Federal Way.
This is strictly about public health. Please stay safe!

Other Federal Way Parks are open During Covid -19 Restrooms, Playgrounds and Picnic Shelters are Closed during this Health Emergency. Please enjoy the park and help stop the spread of the virus by following the rules

  • Parks are open
  • Amenities are closed—This means that playgrounds, restrooms, picnic shelters and other amenities at the parks are not to be used at this time.
  • Trails may be used while at the parks
  • Physical distancing is required. Keep six feet between individuals outside your immediate household. At trailheads, on trails, and parks, practice extra care.

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Some Berry Good News…

Some Berry Good News…

by: Shelley Pauls

Two years ago this July, a large team of volunteers began working to SAVE THE FARM! The historic Hylebos Blueberry Farm Park had been overgrown with blackberry bushes. Teams spent hundreds of hours removing blackberries, weeding, removing rocks & old irrigation pipes. At last years Park Appreciation Day, 100 volunteers planted new blueberry bushes & continued weeding.

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