Mowing Master Tom Boyd Shines in Parks & Rec Employee Spotlight!

In the sprawling expanse of our city’s parks and recreational areas, there’s a silent hero ensuring every blade of grass stands proud and every corner remains pristine. Meet Tom Boyd, the dedicated leader of our mow crew, whose passion for perfection has shaped the landscape of our parks for an impressive 33 years and counting.

More About Tom

Tom started with the city on April 8, 1991 – Tom has been with the city for 33 years!
  • Birthday: August 16th
  • Loves: Sports, Playing Lotto, Betting anyone a dollar to do various things, sleeveless shirts, bandanas, Trees, Traveling
  • Hates: Leaving ruts in lawn & moles
  • Fun Facts About Tom & His Job!
    1. Tom’s large area mower mows a 16 foot wide swath!
    2. If you ever see Tom mowing backwards, he does this to prevent the build up of lawn clippings – that is how dedicated he is to the appearance of our parks!
    3. When Tom started in 91’ he didn’t have a trailer and had to road his mower to various parks.
    4. Also when Tom started we didn’t have cell phones and had to use a pager and pay phones to reach folks.
Tom’s love of the job shows in all he does. His efforts can be seen throughout our parks system wherever there is a large area to mow. His historical institutional knowledge is invaluable to the city and all staff around him. He is, and has been, a pillar of our department which all others rely on. Thanks for your service Tom! 🌳

Winter & Spring 2024 Recreation Catalog Dropping October 23!

Exciting news for Federal Way residents! Get ready for the digital release of the Winter and Spring 2024 Recreation Catalog on October 23. Printed copies will follow at the Federal Way Community Center – Look for an announcement coming soon.

What’s in store:

  • Diverse Programs: From youth athletics to senior programs and pickleball, there’s something for everyone!
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Amazing pools, a fitness center, and personal training!
  • Special Events and Classes: Keep an eye out for exciting events and classes.
  • Space for Rent: Host your events at FWCC.
  • Day Camps & Preschool: Keep kids engaged during breaks.

Mark your calendar for program registration on November 7. Don’t miss your chance to plan a fun-filled winter and spring at the Federal Way Community Center!

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