Born To Move

By Doug Nelson
Community Center Manager

If you are reading this article, you are alive. If you are alive, therefore you were born … on your birthday to be exact.  (Insert your own “NO DUH” expression here) … and because you were born, you were born to move! That’s right; no matter your height, weight, flexibility, mobility, or athletic ability you were placed on this earth with the intention to walk, run, ride, jump, dance, kick, skip, hike, slide, swing, and more.

It sounds simple, but the moving around part is seemingly getting harder and harder as the years go by. Why? Well, some of the greatest inventions and technological advancements in the last century have made it “more enjoyable” to do things without moving our bodies; automobiles, cell phones, HD televisions, escalators, elevators, electric bikes, remote controls, computers, etc. These are all wonderful conveniences that we can barely live without, but they are transforming us into sedentary, unhealthy people.

Don’t believe me? Here are the facts: Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. The National Center for Health statistics estimates that nearly 40% of adults are obese and another 30% are overweight. YIKES!

How do we buck the trend? We put down all of our devices AND MOVE! Let’s take baby-steps if we need to but start by walking the stairs at the airport or mall instead of taking the escalator. Let’s say no to the elevator, and climb a few flights to our fifth floor office. Let’s park at the very last stall in the lot and walk 300 feet to the grocery store. I challenge you to walk your kids to and from school 3 times per week. I dare you to ride your bike to the nearest park, do 20 pushups, and turn around and ride back home. I bet you can find at least one other parent to walk the track while your kids are at soccer practice. Instead of calling or texting a friend to say hello, ask them if they want to meet at the beach for a leisurely stroll.

I just gave you several options for making your life better, and to live your life healthier. Here are some other more traditional options: I just Googled fitness centers near me and found twenty-two establishments on the first page alone, all within a 10-mile radius. There are group exercise classes in nearly all twenty-two fitness centers. I challenge you to find a friend, and take a free-trial class at any one of these places within the next week. I just Googled walking trails near me and found twenty on the first page alone, all within a 15-mile radius. I encourage you to choose one that suits your fitness level and take the kids there this weekend or next. I just Googled dance clubs near me and found twenty choices on the first page alone. How about dancing the night away with your better half?


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